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At Dead Set, we know that not everyone has the same health and physique goals. 

We also believe that you shouldn't.


Your body is unique to you, and no cookie-cutter model will work for everyone.

That's why we listen to our clients, providing the tools and guidance needed to get to an end goal in a healthy and sustainable way. 

Whether you are looking to lose a substantial amount of weight, drop a few, gain a few, or just have a better relationship with food, we are ready to assist you with a unique, client-focused plan to take action on.


In a world of crash diets and quick fixes, at Dead Set, we focus on long-term goals and sustainable new habits that lead to healthy weight loss. Our clients lose body fat without sacrificing their favorite foods, health, or happiness. And like a bird leaving the nest, we teach you how to follow through with best practices that you can maintain long after coaching memberships end. We just ask that you come ready to commit to making change, because with your determination, we can do anything we set our minds to.



Whether you are recovering from a long-term illness, you're an athlete looking to bulk, or you're someone who is naturally thin, there's a strategy for every weight gain goal. We customize your strategy specifically for YOU to ensure you aren't pounding protein shakes and feeling uncomfortably full every day. Dead Set weight gain programs are designed to help our clients gradually gain body mass by focusing on the addition of nutrient-dense foods, which ensures what you eat not only helps you gain, but also contributes to your overall health and well-being. 


You can pound the treadmill for hours a week, lift like Arnold, and stay dedicated to your training schedule, but without the right fuel, your engine is bound to tap out. If you aren't feeding your body the proper nutrients, the right amount, or quality calories, your personal records are most likely not going to change drastically. We develop a nutrition plan based specifically off of your goals that empowers you with more energy and endurance to go higher, further, and faster - just like the Marvel superhero you are! 



At Dead Set, we don't believe any foods should have labels. In a society where we are taught 'good' vs. 'bad', 'raw' vs. 'processed', to weigh ourselves every day, or that missing a workout is a sin, we believe in coaching an approach that allows you to live your life free from the stigma of diet culture. 'Guilt' doesn't fly with us - your body and mental health are worth more than that! We encourage and train our clients to a new mindset - one that leads to a better relationship with food, a love of movement and the gift of exercise, healthier practices,  and, overall, more happiness.


Do you want to start working out, but find yourself feeling lost on the weight floor? Maybe you're overwhelmed by all the super intense workouts by fitness influencers you see on the 'gram. Too often people punish themselves with exercise. Give back to the body that gives you so much by providing it with straight-forward movement programs designed to build lean muscle and burn body fat. Curated for clients of all fitness levels, Dead Set training programs progressively become more challenging through the length of the program, activating your muscles in new ways to create a stronger, more empowered you.



Have something specific you are trying to accomplish, but don't want to go it alone? Whether you are trying to complete your first 5k race, looking to go vegan, or received feedback from a medical professional that you need to take action on, Dead Set is the accountability partner you can steadily rely on. Depending on your goal, we provide tools to help you succeed with no judgment, just encouragement. Tell us where you want to be - there's no mountain we can't climb together.

commit to a new you today

Change doesn't start until you make a decision! Make today the first day of a brand new journey and see the difference that partnering with Dead Set can make.

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