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Dive into a 6-Week Program Designed to Spring Clean Your Lifestyle & Get You Ready For Your Sexiest Summer Yet!


April 18 - May 27, 2022


This private, members only group is open for registration from March 28 - April 15, 2022, and provides customized content, weekly lessons, and direct access to the Founder of Dead Set!

Sexy Summer 6 Week Training

  • This ALL VIRTUAL training group includes:

    • Personalized macros & calorie targets to help you reach for your specific goals

    • Lessons and pre-recorded videos released weekly for you to listen and watch when it fits best in your busy schedule, covering the most important topics to get you real results.

    • 1-on-1 support from Dead Set's Founder and Head Coach (that’s Jess!)

    • Accountability & behavior change guidance for lasting results

    • Answers to personal questions and advice from April 18 - May 27.

    Let's #getdeadset on feeling our best for Summer 2022!

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