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Gain & Attain Real, Sustainable Progress With This 8 Week WHOLE HEALTH Program Designed to Create a Healthier, Stronger, And Smarter YOU!



This private, members only group is open for registration from now until January 5, and provides customized content, weekly lessons, fitness plans, direct access to the Founder of Dead Set, and so much more!

New Year, Greater Me in 2023

  • This ALL VIRTUAL training group includes:

    • Personalized Macros & Calorie Targets to Help You Reach Your Specific Goals ($150 Value)

    • Weekly Video Lessons Covering the Most Important Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindset Topics To Get You Real Results ($400 Value)

    • 8 Week Self-Paced Workout Schedule Designed to Get You Real Results in YOUR HOME ($450 Value)

    • 1-on-1 Support from a Certified Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Growth Mindset Coach

    • An Exclusive Accountability Group On Facebook for Mutual Support & Friends to Celebrate With As You Achieve Your Goals

    • Accountability & behavior change guidance for lasting results

    • Answers to personal questions and advice throughout the program

    • Shopping Lists, a Nutrition Coach's Favorite Products & Exercises, and SO MUCH MORE!

    Let's #getdeadset on becoming the best versions of ourselves for 2023 and beyond!

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